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What is Ethical AI? | Feat. Guest Aly Silver

October 25, 2023By Trailblaze Team

Topics: Blogging, Artificial Intelligence, AI Wave Podcast


This week our host Chris Parisi welcomes Aly Silver, Technical Program Manager at Sonos and the two get to talking about the ethics of artificial intelligence, diversity in tech, and how to, from experience, create an effective task force.

About Aly Silver

Aly is a firm believer in the power of data and stands by the notion that success lies in harnessing the best data available. Understanding the importance of both quality and quantity, Aly has recognized that it directly correlates with the final product produced. This principle became evident when working on Meta's groundbreaking codec avatars. Aly and the team dedicated themselves to collecting vast amounts of data from various individuals, intending to create a seamless and personalized experience in the Metaverse. Their goal was to ensure that each user's avatar truly resembled their unique self, not limited to recreating only familiar faces like Mark Zuckerberg's. 

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