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The Future of Financial Investing and AI with Al "Junior" Cumplido

August 8, 2023By Trailblaze Team

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, AI Wave Podcast


This week our host Chris Parisi welcomes Al "Junior" Cumplido, a self-described unapologetic financial investment nerd. Junior jumps on AI Wave this week to chat about how the stock market caught his attention, the importance of financial literacy, and how scalable artificial intelligence can be in the financial sector.


CFA Society Providence
Independence Financial Partners
Millennial Rhode Island 


[00:00:00] Start of Episode

[00:00:22] Welcome Al "Junior" Cumplido

[00:03:32] Unapologetic Financial Investment Nerd

[00:07:35] Lack of Access to Reliable Financial Information

[00:12:14] Rhode Island's Potential as an AI Leader

[00:13:18] AI Unlocks Creativity, Boosting Potential and Ideas

[00:19:05] AI Improves Efficiency and Scalability in Finance

[00:21:16] AI Can Help Unpredictable Financial Markets

[00:26:11] Years of Preparation, Adaptability, and AI Changes

[00:29:26] Creating Tools to Manage Behavioral Biases

[00:32:40] Beware of Inaccurate ChatGPT Information

[00:37:24] AI Copilot Allows Personalized Service to More Clients

[00:40:19] AI Is a Tool, Learn It or Be Left Behind

[00:42:19] Opportunity in the Market

[00:44:40] Access Investment Education



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