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Focusing on AI as a Problem Solver with Dr. Vineet Sinha

December 12, 2023By Trailblaze Team

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, AI Wave Podcast


This week our host Chris Parisi welcomes Dr. Vineet Sinha, Founder of i3 Labs and a lifelong student of artificial intelligence (seriously, though, he got his PhD in AI over 20 years ago) and the two get to talking about the human element of AI, finding your superpower with the emerging technology, and understanding the pace at which things are changing.


[00:00:00] Start of Episode
00:04:08] Dr. Vineet Sinha's Beginnings
00:07:41] How to Educate About AI's Impact?
00:11:21] Invest Time in Learning About AI's Potential
00:13:50] AI-enabled Services Redefining Marketing and Business
00:17:03] Education Industry Improvement Crucial in Digital Society
00:21:43] Prompt Engineering, Challenges, and New Developments in AI [00:25:58] Building AI Tools to Help People is Key
00:29:43] Find and Embrace your Special Superpower in the AI World
00:31:31] Thanks for Tuning In


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