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Embracing the AI Change with Ann-Marie Harrington

July 12, 2023By Trailblaze Team

Topics: Videos, Artificial Intelligence, Podcast


Join our host, Chris Parisi, as he engages in an insightful conversation with Ann-Marie Harrington, an accomplished entrepreneur and thought leader. Ann-Marie, a two-time Founder/CEO, board member, executive, and renowned national speaker, brings her expertise in corporate growth, social impact, technology, and marketing to the table. Together, they delve into the fascinating evolution of websites throughout the decades, the remarkable ascent of artificial intelligence, and the invaluable lessons on embracing courage amidst the rapid pace of change. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that explores the intersection of technology, business, and personal resilience.


[00:00:00] Start of episode
[00:00:19] Rhode Island Aims to Lead AI revolution
[00:04:04] Ann-Marie's Career Path
[00:07:14] Career Transition is Possible
[00:12:44] Utilizing Chat GPT for Productivity and Efficiency
[00:16:38] AI is Misunderstood
[00:19:06] AI = the Ultimate Interview Assistant
[00:21:35] AI as Inspiration
[00:24:51] Using AI to Fill in Plot Holes
[00:28:17] Rhode Island as a Leader in the AI Revolution
[00:34:49] AI Will Revolutionize Content Creation
[00:36:37] AI is a Game-Changer
[00:39:47] Follow Your Passions With the Help of AI

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