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A Shared Mission: Trailblaze Marketing & Millennial RI #ChooseRI

September 28, 2018By Chris Parisi

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When it comes to Rhode Island, it's difficult to find a marketing agency that loves it more than us.

At Trailblaze Marketing, our mission is to positively impact our business partners and community through our growth-driven, human-to-human marketing. When constructing our mission statement, we purposely included “community”. We use community to refer not only to the local economy we aim to grow, but also to the local nonprofits around us. We are very proud to partner with and support one in particular: Millennial RI.

Millennial RI is a generational network supporting the 300,000+ millennials here, and working with all types of individuals and organizations to build Rhode Island. The greater purpose here is to allow our state's talent to #ChooseRI; Rhode Island is known for its universities and colleges, and yet we have the 3rd largest rate of students that leave the state after finishing their education. Millennial RI is set out to reduce this “brain drain” and encourages newly graduated millennials to stay in the Ocean State to grow their career and family.

Trailblaze Marketing and Millennial RI are aligned in their mission to grow Rhode Island and it’s economy, and make it a place where millennials will #ChooseRI.

When we launched our brand in February 2018, I made a promise to always headquarter our company in Rhode Island, regardless of where our clients are, or the size to which we grow. From the beginning it has been important to us to foster a strong Internship Program that enables college students to not only learn about the industry and business, but also connects them with local business opportunities so they can #ChooseRI.

We believe that reducing the “brain drain” and choosing Rhode Island is an important mission that all businesses should invest in. Everyone wants to be able to hire and retain talented employees; the millennial generation is extremely skilled and is a powerful agent of change. This generation is exactly the type of workforce that drives business forward.

We are sponsoring Millennial RI’s Fall for Rhode Island fundraising event at The Guild this year, and are excited for future opportunities to continue our partnership. If you are looking to join an exceptional organization that will help you achieve your personal goals and grow your career, consider becoming a member and joining the organization.

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