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Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

August 29, 2022By Teresa Lee

Topics: Website Design & Development, Small Business

To “Google" something has become a verb to describe the act of searching the web on any search engine. People google everything before they make a purchase, from which vacuum is the best to buy on Amazon to what we want to eat at a restaurant they’re going to later that week. 

Googling is a mainstream component of everyday life, which begs the question: why wouldn’t a small business owner want to be found online? The truth is small businesses without an online presence are doing themselves a great disservice.  

A small business website is essential in today’s digital landscape; not having one is like benching yourself before the game starts. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of using a website to create your digital footprint and what you can do to improve your current web presence.  

Websites Bring New Customers  

Potential customers go to Google to find brands like yours every day. What do they see when they search for your product, service, industry, or even specific business? Without a website, your small business has no hope of showing up in a Google search.  

Most often, prospective customers choose whichever brand has the best online presence and reviews; showing up on Yelp or the Google location sidebar simply won’t cut it. 

Today, shoppers have more power than ever before to make informed purchasing decisions. They regularly compare you and your competitors at the start of their buyer journey. In fact, 53% of shoppers say they research before buying to ensure they make the best possible choice. 

So, what can you do to make sure your website isn’t just up and running but performing and generating the kind of interest your business needs? 

SEO: The Secret Sauce of a Successful Website  

How does a business become the top search result in their industry or marketplace?  

Two main solutions with varying degrees of difficulty are paying for the spot outright or the long-term option, SEO. Though paid advertising has merits, a strong SEO strategy may be your ticket to the top of page one for a small business with a tight budget 

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is designed to improve a website's positioning in an organic search. Great SEO requires a healthy website without broken links, mobile compatibility, and a strong keyword strategy. Get those three features in check, and you are off to a good start.  

Credibility is King (or Queen) 

SEO is a major factor in getting your site to rank, but a high position in search isn’t enough to convert a customer. When potential customers reach your site, they will want to know more about your business and why they should choose to buy from you. This requires establishing credibility.  

Your brand's credibility is directly linked to your online presence. A well-made website not only makes an excellent first impression but lets you communicate directly with your customers 24/7. A thoughtfully designed website with a strong UX helps increase your potential buyers and helps them to your potential buyers' confidence, and helps them know exactly what they are buying and who they are buying from.  

Sharing with clients what your brand stands for can help them form a relationship with you; the stronger the relationship, the more loyal the customer.  

Easy to Find, Easy to Buy 

Convenience is the final piece of a well-made website.  

For example, if a hungry customer Googles "Mexican restaurants near me," and your taco shop is one of the first results to pop up, the odds are pretty good that they will click to your site to learn more.  

The easier and faster a customer can find you and your brand, the easier it is for them to make a sale, experience your product, and hopefully become a long-term client. And, since networking is the backbone of any successful small business, the easier it is for a potential client to find your company, the easier it is for the to recommend you to their peers.  

Long story short? Easy to find, easy to buy.   

Optimization, Credibility, and Convenience  

Having a website for a small business today is like Dunkin Donuts having a drive-through; it can function without one, but it doesn’t make sense without it.  

When starting to create your business’s website, your main focus should be establishing an online presence through smart SEO and a smooth user experience.  

Create rapport with your potential clients by sharing your brand and business values and creating a meaningful connection with your audience.  

If your website is strategic, welcoming, and convenient, you are well on your way to establishing a strong, successful online presence.   

How Trailblaze Can Help Build Your Small Business Website  

We have a finely tuned small business department - Trailblaze PVD - with easy-to-understand pricing and a team that's ready to help. We can build your online presence with web design, SEO, and content experts. 

When your website and profiles are up and running, our team of agency specialists can set up and manage your social media accounts to spread the word, drive customer engagement, and increase revenue.  

Want to start the creation or optimization of your website? Book a call with Trailblaze today.  

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