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Setting the Tone for Your ChatGPT Prompt

May 26, 2023By Shay Weintraub

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Blogging, Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned in our recent blog, A Recipe For Writing the Perfect Prompt for ChatGPT, tone of voice is a major factor in the quality of response you get from your ChatGPT prompt. We know that the intent of our message might get lost in translation when communicating via text (whether it be an SMS message, email, newsletter, etc.) so it's important that you make the effort to convey what you mean through tone of voice. 

For this blog we asked ChatGPT to write a Facebook post three different times using the exact same prompt, save for the tone of voice. See below how the the message changes when we asked it to sound thrilled, bittersweet, and anxious.

The Prompt

You're a new parent and you're putting your house up for sale because it's too small to accommodate you, your partner, and your new baby. You have many good memories in the house, as it belonged to your aunt and uncle before you and your partner bought it. You are writing 2 paragraph post on Facebook letting your network know that your house is officially on the market.
Please write this post in a ________ tone of voice.


Using a Thrilled Tone of Voice

🎉 Exciting News! Our Home is Officially on the Market! 🏠🔑

Hey, everyone! We have some incredibly thrilling news to share with all of you today. After much consideration, my partner and I have decided to put our beloved home up for sale. It's bittersweet to say goodbye to a place that holds so many wonderful memories, as it was previously owned by my amazing aunt and uncle. However, with the arrival of our precious bundle of joy, our family has outgrown this cozy space, and it's time for us to embark on a new chapter.

From the moment we stepped foot into this house, it instantly felt like home. The laughter echoing through the halls, the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen, and the countless cherished moments spent with loved ones are etched deeply into our hearts. Every corner of this house holds a story, a reminder of the beautiful times we shared. But now, as we embrace the joyous chaos of parenthood, it's time to find a larger place that can accommodate our growing family.

We are filled with excitement and optimism as we prepare to pass on this gem to its next lucky owners. The memories we've made here will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We can't wait to see who will create their own magical moments within these walls. If you or anyone you know is searching for a warm and loving home, please reach out to us. Let's help make someone's dreams come true!

Thank you all for being a part of our journey, and here's to the start of a new adventure! 🎈🌟

#NewChapter #HouseOnTheMarket #ExcitingTimesAhead


Using a Bittersweet Tone of Voice

🏡💔 Bittersweet Announcement: Our Beloved Home is Officially on the Market 💔🏡

Dear friends and family, today we have some bittersweet news to share with all of you. After much contemplation, my partner and I have made the difficult decision to put our cherished home up for sale. This house holds a special place in our hearts, as it was passed down to us from my dear aunt and uncle. Countless memories were created within these walls, and bidding farewell is no easy task.

From the moment we walked through the front door, we knew we had found our sanctuary. The rooms witnessed our laughter, tears, and the love that enveloped our lives. But as our family grows with the arrival of our precious little one, we find ourselves in need of more space, a place where our baby can explore and thrive. It breaks our hearts to part ways with this home that sheltered our dreams, but we must make room for new beginnings.

We invite you all to join us on this emotional journey as we embark on the next chapter of our lives. If you know someone searching for a cozy and cherished home, one that's filled with warmth and stories, please share this news with them. We hope that this place, where our own memories were born, will find its way into the hands of someone who will appreciate its history and make it their own. Thank you all for the love and support you've shown us throughout the years. Our hearts are heavy, yet hopeful, as we bid adieu to our beloved home.

#BittersweetGoodbye #CherishedMemories #NewBeginnings


Using a Anxious Tone of Voice

🏠😟 Anxious Announcement: Our House is Officially on the Market 😟🏠

Hey everyone, it's with a heavy heart and a knot in my stomach that I share this news with you today. After much deliberation, my partner and I have taken the difficult decision to put our beloved home up for sale. This house has been a part of our family for generations, once belonging to my aunt and uncle, and it holds a multitude of treasured memories. But with the arrival of our precious little one, we find ourselves desperately in need of more space, and the anxiety of this process is overwhelming.

Every corner of this house whispers stories of laughter, love, and warmth. It breaks my heart to think of leaving behind the echoes of our laughter and the warmth of the hearth. The thought of strangers walking through these rooms, judging its imperfections and quirks, fills me with anxiety. Will they understand the magic of this place? Will they appreciate the memories embedded in its walls? It's a nerve-wracking journey, and I can't help but worry about what the future holds for our family.

If any of you know someone searching for a home filled with character and history, please share this news with them. Perhaps there's someone out there who will see beyond the surface and embrace the soul of this house. Thank you all for your support and understanding during this overwhelming time. Your love and kind words mean the world to us as we navigate this uncertain path.

#AnxiousGoodbye #MovingForward #UncertainTimes

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is only as good as what you make it and the tone of voice you use is a major part in getting you to the best response possible. Above we saw how changing a prompt by just one factor can alter what comes out. Imagine if we fed it even more information!

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