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Don’t Forget to Account for This When Using AI for Your Marketing

April 18, 2023By Trailblaze Team

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Blogging, Artificial Intelligence

As technology continues to advance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being integrated into many industries, including Marketing. Within marketing agencies, many roles will be enhanced with AI but it will never be able to replace one important aspect of the marketing partnership: human impact.

It can expedite and enhance human abilities in their role and as AI progresses into our daily life, we learn more about its impacts. This blog will cover the human impacts we make using AI.  

Automating Mundane Tasks 

The role of a client services manager is filled with repetitive and mundane tasks that take time away from strategic planning. AI could automate those tasks and frees up time for client managers to develop marketing strategies and building relationships with clients. AI-powered tools like chatbots can handle basic client questions, while automated reporting tools can generate reports on campaign performance, saving client managers time and effort while reducing the workload and increasing productivity.  

Providing Data- Driven Insights 

Marketing agencies collect and analyze vast amounts of data on their clients, including consumer demographics, purchasing habits, and online behavior. Client services teams are the ones to sift through and organize this information. With AI identifying the patterns and insights in the data that humans may miss information to create more effective marketing strategies and campaigns. This enabes client managers to make more informed decisions about campaign strategies.  

Enhancing Personalization  

Personalization is a key element of effective marketing meetings and correspondence while the client service manager can focus on the client and effectively build the relationship. AI can personalize communication to a certain extent, but it cannot replace the human touch and personal connection that comes from face-to-face interactions. Client managers can provide emotional support and build trust with clients in a way that AI cannot. What AI can do is analyze client’s preferences and behavior and generate content and strategies that will likely resonate with the client. Pulling information from emails and presentations generates notes from the facts and figures discussed in meetings while the client service manager can focus on the clients' feedback.  

Improve Campaign Performance  

Ultimately, the goal of a client management role in a marketing agency is to drive results for clients. AI can help client managers achieve this by providing insights into campaign performance and suggesting strategies to optimize performance. By leveraging AI-powered tools, client managers can identify areas where campaigns are underperforming and make data-driven decisions to improve results. While predicting future trends and consumer behavior AI allows client services to proactively adjust their strategies to meet changing market conditions. This can help marketing agencies and their clients to stay ahead of their competitors with a more comprehensive and effective marketing plan. 

AI’s Impact  

AI is still being presented as a scary unknown in the media today with reports of the risk of relying too heavily on AI and which could lead to a loss of creativity and innovations as an industry. While AI can analyze data and provide insights, it cannot come up with creative solutions to complex problems or identify new opportunities for clients. Human intuition and creativity are still important elements of client management and many roles within a marketing agency, and it is essential that these skills are not lost in the pursuit of efficiency and automation. AI is tool to be utilized today and, in the future, but human interaction and endpoints cannot be replaced.  

In conclusion, AI can provide significant benefits to a client management role in a marketing agency. It can assist in analyzing data, predicting future trends, streamlining processes, and personalizing communication with clients. However, it is important to recognize that AI cannot replace the human touch and personal connection that comes from face-to-face interactions. Client managers play a critical role in building and maintaining relationships with clients, and it is important that they are not replaced by technology. AI should be used as a tool to enhance the work of client managers, freeing up their time to elevate their clients.  


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