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AI + Education Series #4: Preparing Students with AI Professor Tim Henry

June 25, 2024By Trailblaze Team

Topics: AI Wave Podcast

Welcome to the latest episode of AI Wave! We're excited to introduce our guest, Dr. Tim Henry, an AI professor at Rhode Island College. Dr. Henry takes us through his remarkable journey, starting as a young tech enthusiast to becoming a Coast Guard serviceman, and eventually emerging as a renowned academic and industry expert.

In this episode, we delve into the transformative potential of AI in higher education, focusing on personalized learning and individualized tutoring. Dr. Henry sheds light on innovative tools that are revolutionizing educational experiences.

Moreover, we examine the broader impact of AI, from aiding educators in understanding and supporting their students better to preparing the future workforce for an AI-centric economy. Join us as we navigate the changing landscape of AI in education and its profound implications for students, educators, and society as a whole. 



06:05 Exciting journey from old computer labs. Transition to AI.
10:05 AI can support students in the learning process.
11:14 Using AI for debates improves students' performance.
16:18 AI aids in holistic student assessment, and decision-making.
20:19 AI integration in the workplace for diverse roles.
21:47 AI courses cover traditional tools, neural networks, and machine learning.
26:42 Deep learning neural networks, complex math, anthropic's Claude AI.
30:09 People key to successful implementation of AI.
34:03 Data structures course sees 56% using GitHub Copilot.
35:09 Encouraging critical thinking with tools like GitHub.
39:32 Integrating nanotechnology and AI for proactive healthcare.
42:36 Encourage high schoolers, to embrace technology as educators.


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