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AI + Education Series #1: Navigating the AI Landscape with Lance Eaton

May 14, 2024By Trailblaze Team

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, AI Wave Podcast

In the first episode of our AI + Education Series, we uncover the potential of AI to revolutionize educational systems!

Calling all education innovators! Join Chris Parisi and Lance Eaton for a discussion on personalizing learning with AI, how it empowers educators, and why voices matter in shaping AI policies for the classroom.

00:10 Encouraging talented professionals to stay in Rhode Island.
03:25 Growing up as a tech-savvy, independent learner.
08:35 Teaching with a mindset of mutual learning.
11:21 Passion project development in educational leadership programs.
13:47 Ran AI course, developed usage policies, and involved students.
16:54 Institutional policy initiated and led by students.
20:26 Understanding AI literacy and its integration challenge.
25:10 Challenging education system disincentivizes learning progress.
29:46 Exploring AI's practical uses is essential.
33:04 Generative AI usage in post-pandemic education.
36:45 AI assessment is still imperfect, biased, and inaccurate. 38:16 AI bias in criminal sentencing and education.
42:39 Colleges adapt slowly but do respond effectively.
45:12 Generative AI resources for educators and tips.

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Incorporating AI in Teaching: Practical Examples for Busy Instructors by Daniel Stanford ➤ https://danielstanford.substack.com/p/incorporating-ai-in-teaching-practical
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