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AI Wave: A Practical Guide To Using ChatGPT For Businesses

May 17, 2023By Trailblaze Team

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, AI Wave Podcast


Welcome to the latest edition of the AI Wave podcast! In this episode, we explore the wonders of Chat GPT and how it can help improve your content creation process. Our host interviews Kyle Steinberg, Trailblaze Marketing's lead digital analyst and Chat GPT guru, to guide us through the different ways this AI tool can enhance your blog writing and SEO strategies.

ChatGPT Helps You Write More Blogs...

The production efficiency of businesses has improved significantly with the use of Chat GPT. What used to take 60 hours can now be completed in around 10 hours, allowing companies to do more for their clients. However, it's important to note that Chat GPT should be used alongside other tools in the field.

...But You're Responsible For The Quality

Our experts suggest that Chat GPT is only as good as you make it. By using prompts and specific instructions, you can ensure quality output and avoid Google penalties. As a content creator, you must think like a marketer and SEO expert if you want to achieve maximum results.

AI Needs Human Endpoints. Period.

Our AI-powered company, Trailblaze Marketing, focuses on human endpoints to ensure quality context and uniqueness in their content creation process. Google's new version of its search engine may penalize non-unique content, making it critical to refine SEO to automatically format content to the right length and sound.

Watch the full video for more insights and in-depth discussion on AI's potential and how we can all ride the AI wave together.

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