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Leading Creatives Through the AI Change with Shannon Curley | AI Wave Podcast

July 25, 2023By Trailblaze Team

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, AI Wave Podcast

This week our host Chris Parisi welcomes Shannon Curley, Head of Content at Carbon 6 and the two get to talking about leading creatives through the AI Revolution, the different types of content AI can write for you (hint: job descriptions and complaint letters) and why Rhode Island's inclination towards radical loyalty serves to create an ideal place to lead artificial intelligence initiatives.


[00:00:00] Start of Episode
00:02:33] From Writing to Brand Writing
00:04:13] Curiosity is Key
00:07:16] The Fear of Being Replaced as a Creative
00:12:32] AI Streamlines Internal Communications, Content Creation Process
00:14:36] Integration of AI in Startups
00:20:13] Optimistic Approach of AI as a Creative
00:22:02] AI is Fun!
00:26:49] Opportunity to Strengthen Your Skills
00:29:52] Ethical Concerns of Biased AI Models
00:33:10] Rhode Island Thrives on Trends, Loyalty
00:36:07] Wrap Up: Follow, Subscribe, Like, Comment, Interact


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