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We truly enjoy working with our clients and take their results seriously. Having the privilege to partner with some incredible clients, we've helped take their sales and marketing to the next level. Check out some of our success stories below!


  • Client: A RI financial institution providing commercial, business and personal banking services
  • Objective: Generate high quality leads for commercial banking while enhancing the brand
  • Challenge: Highly competitive and regulated industry with very high costs-per-clicks
  • Solution: Managed and optimized all Google AdWords campaigns with smart landing pages to generate quality leads, and developed branding theme consistency
  • Results: Acquisition costs cut by over 83%, leading to a 386% increase in conversions

"Trailblaze is well-versed in all the latest marketing channels and the staff is extremely thorough, focused and passionate about providing their clients with the best marketing, advertising and analysis. We at BankRI have seen a strong increase in digital clicks, conversions and contacts since the beginning of our partnership."

Steven Parente
Senior Vice President

BankRI Case Study
INNOVEX Case Study


“Become the single source technology organization”

  • Client: A B2B technology organization providing office technology and IT solutions
  • Objective: Generate quality leads, reposition brand and improve overall web presence
  • Challenge: Diverse set of product and service offerings prior to repositioning
  • Solution: Develop a new website with SEO, conversion rate optimization and implement HubSpot
  • Results: A consistent digital presence and brand positioned as sole source for all technology needs, improved user engagement with 59.35% increase in avg. session duration and decreasing bounce rate by 36.21%.

"Trailblaze has assembled a great team that brings deep, comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of digital marketing. I enjoy the collaboration and expertise that they bring, and their careful consideration of additional ideas that make my marketing campaigns even more effective. I am especially pleased with our new website, which has been strategically planned, well-built, and excellently designed. I am looking forward to a long, successful partnership with the Trailblaze Team."

Diane Phillips
Marketing Manager

Community VNA

"Trailblaze is a welcome addition to our family!"

  • Client: A non-profit elder healthcare organization
  • Objective: Generate high-quality job applicants and increase number of patients
  • Challenge: Competitive and highly regulated industry
  • Solution: A marketing retainer
  • Results: Generated leads via paid search campaigns due to a high 9.7% conversion rate, and 140% increase in web traffic via social media

“In choosing a digital marketing firm, it was important to us to look for a firm that fit with our company culture. We knew we needed a team that was communicative, collaborative, creative, and collegial. We found the perfect fit in Trailblaze. Initially hired to assist in our recruitment and retention campaign, as well in an initiative to enhance our digital and social media presence, we subsequently initiated a refresh of our website. Throughout each of these efforts, we found Trailblaze to be responsive, resourceful, and reliable.”

Jeffrey J. LaValley
Community Relations
and Fund Development Manager

Community VNA Case Study
APT Case Study

Advanced Print Technologies

"Be the best in our industry"

  • Client: A global broker of industrial printing equipment
  • Objective: Generate quality leads while matching the brand to its highly respected offline reputation
  • Challenge: A niche and evolving target market in a relationship-based industry
  • Solution: Website re-design with search engine optimization and targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Results: A 52% increase in organic traffic post-launch in addition to a 93% increase in conversions

"My experience working with Trailblaze has been enlightening. The approach that their creative team took with me was respectful and their listening skills were evident. They acted intuitively to develop our website in a way which demonstrates a true understanding of the challenges we face in our business.

Their work has already made a significant difference. We’ve seen over 50% increase in quote requests along with a huge increase of leads coming via our web-forms they incorporated into the new site.

Our plans going forward with Trailblaze are exciting and I am personally looking forward to additional new projects that these terrific individuals will allow us to develop – Trailblaze gets 5 stars from me along with many thanks..."

Frederick T. Moss
Vice President

Quality Nylon Rope

"Manufacture locally, sell globally"

  • Client: U.S. Manufacturer of rope, cord and bungee products
  • Objective: Increase revenue by selling products through e-commerce site
  • Challenge Increasing Google Shopping costs, resulting from large e-commerce competitors like Amazon 
  • Solution: Optimize PLA and search campaigns, implement SEO and on-site conversion rate optimization
  • Results: Increased e-commerce ROI to over 125% in 2017 from 49% in 2016 while generating 45% more organic traffic

"Over the past 2 plus years we have enjoyed a positive and evolving partnership with our Trailblaze e-commerce marketing arm. They have been instrumental and timely with data analysis, technical support and advice. Always budget conscious, we have been able to move our 'spend' seasonally with good and improving results."

Chet Sutphen
Manager NeoCorp Manufacturing

Quality Nylon Rope Case Study
Fagan Door Case Study

Fagan Door

"Phone calls > forms to me"

  • Client: A family-owned company in the garage door business
  • Objective: Generate quality phone call leads that convert to sales
  • Challenge: Extremely competitive local market
  • Solution: Build brand awareness while generating phone calls through paid search and local SEO
  • Results: Google AdWords campaigns generating 200+ phone calls a month paired with local SEO resulting in a 43% increase in YoY website sessions

"With Trailblaze as a trusted partner, we have watched our sales leads increase year after year. Every member of the team has taken the time to get to know Fagan Door. Not only our products and target audience, but also our values. The team’s thoughtful approach has helped us gain a better understanding of our own business through the eyes of the client. The best thing about working with Trailblaze is getting the personal attention of a small firm while getting big firm results."

Diane Fagan
Owner, COO

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