We typically offer two "services" -- website design & development (one-time project) and marketing retainers (ongoing partnership). When we partner with you, your retainer includes all of the marketing services you can think of such as search marketing, content marketing, design services, analytics, sales enablement, and more!  

Yes, we provide hourly marketing services billed at $155/hr.

No problem. We can still help by first providing a comprehensive Website and SEO audit. This audit will clearly reveal what’s working with your digital presence and what’s not. We can even help you implement all of the recommended changes. If you’re not ready for an ongoing marketing commitment, we can also help you develop a strong, secure new website aimed at converting visitors into leads.

A campaign is a specific, targeted series of marketing tactics using a blend of marketing channels to achieved a defined goal. Campaigns are typically defined by the offering and/or the audience. An example campaign is to provide website services to the Legal industry.

Inbound marketing is all about providing targeted content along the buyers journey, with the goal of the lead coming to you! Opposed to outbound where you are yelling at a large audience, hoping they happen to be interested.  As a HubSpot Partner, we provide inbound marketing services to our clients to help grow their business. 

YES! One thing that sets Trailblaze apart from other agencies is our commitment and ability to help grow your business through marketing AND sales.  As a HubSpot Partner, we can set up and optimize your CRM while building workflows and templates to enable your sales team for success. 

Video is a critical component to any content marketing strategy, so we certainly provide video services. While we don’t manage video production in-house, we’ve partnered with great local video production companies to provide high quality video solutions to fit our clients needs.

We have the capability to use any email marketing platform in order to execute email marketing campaigns. We are very familiar with Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response, HubSpot and others.

Of course! We are very data-driven, and provide each client with a custom reporting dashboard that pulls in real-time reporting that they can view at any time. Also, we provide monthly insights reporting.



The best ones! We build websites primarily using Drupal and WordPress CMS platforms and have the capability to build a total custom website, E-Commerce stores, or a template website depending on your budget and needs. Both provide the quality, scalability and security needed for a self-managed website solution.  We also offer flexible financing.

This is totally dependent upon the size and scope of the project.  A custom website solution with 15+ pages, 3rd party integrations and custom functionality can take 3 months or more to complete while a smaller scale website with less pages, integrations and functionality could be completed in around 30 days.

We have the ability to host websites through a 3rd party, fully-managed solution. We typically do not host websites we do not build. Most clients prefer we host their website unless requested otherwise.

When it comes to security, we take the necessary steps to secure every site we build. This includes the proper implementation of an SSL certificate, monthly website maintenance updates (plugins, CMS updates, etc.) and a secure hosting package.


Marketing Retainers:

Simply put, it is an ongoing marketing partnership. The retainer is an agreement between an agency and a customer to provide monthly marketing support with no specified end date. The retainer includes a set of amount of hours that we utilize each month. A marketing retainer gives you access to an entire agency of marketing professionals to help with any and all of your marketing efforts.

Essentially every market service we provide is included in the marketing retainer except video services and website design services. Specifically, you get a dedicated account manager and services such as website optimization, paid media management, search marketing, email marketing, social media management, blogging services, content development, strategy development, and real-time reporting. Third party costs such as media spend, HubSpot software, PR services, etc. are outside the retainer.


About Us:

Trailblaze is one of the few agencies around who offer more than just marketing. We build a bridge to sales by offering sales enablement software, sales training and sales attribution models.

We have been providing marketing services to our clients for over 10 years. Our history is an evolution of acquisitions until we formally separated from our parent company in January 2019, incorporating Trailblaze Inc. Some of our current clients have been with us dating back to 2010.

We have a seasoned team of 8-10 specialists supporting every role and function here at Trailblaze Marketing. We also utilize professional partnerships with industry leading marketing service providers.

Short answer, no. We’ve experienced some incredible success in the B2B landscape and verticals such as manufacturers, healthcare, financial services, and business technology solution companies. We also specialize in E-Commerce. However, our marketing process and knowledge is applicable to any industry.

We are fortunate to work with some amazing partners, you can check out what a few of them has to say by clicking here, and feel free to browse our portfolio too: Our Work.



For our marketing reatainers, we offer flexible month-to-month marketing contracts that can be cancelled anytime after 90 days (45-day written notice). We believe that if we aren’t providing value to your business, you reserve the right to terminate the relationship at any time. 

Yes, we can engage in a singular project that outlines the scope of work at an agreed upon billable rate.