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Talking VR and AI with Toye Onikoyi | AI Wave Podcast

June 20, 2023By Trailblaze Team

Topics: Videos, Artificial Intelligence, Podcast


On this episode of AI Wave, host Chris Parisi interviews entrepreneur and engineer Toye Onikoyi from Providence, Rhode Island. Throughout their conversation, Chris and Toye chat about the latter's virtual reality (VR) lounge, The Bubbler, and his personal invention, the Muse Mirror which employs artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend skincare products for the user. 

Moreover, Chris and Toye talk about the importance of retaining technology-focused talent within Rhode Island and positioning the state as a leader in the AI Revolution.  Toye, who went through the Providence Public Schools and graduated from University of Rhode Island, understands firsthand what students are capable of here in the Ocean State.

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[00:02:37] Toye talks The Bubbler VR Lounge and Soda Bar.
[00:04:03] Utilizing COVID downtime to create success.
[00:07:27] VR entertainment and soda bar available in Rhode Island.
[00:10:47] An anniversary gift turns into a business venture.
[00:16:55] AI learns individual's skin tone to recommend different products.
[00:18:16] RI should lead in AI revolution, locally-driven.
[00:21:38] Create AI task force for all industries.
[00:27:23] VR tech boosts remote work collaboration potential.
[00:30:18] Excited to build tech talent in Rhode Island.
[00:33:12] Encourage entrepreneurship in Rhode Island.
[00:35:21] End of interview.

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